essential business growth fundamentals: A 4 part learning series

Business leaders will learn the essential tools for achieving goals, making data-driven decisions and adapting to the ever-changing landscape.  

You will learn:
- How to better organize and prioritize your sales and marketing activity.
- How to measure progress and determine priorities in the best interest of customer experience and generating revenue.

This learning series includes core elements of the Growth Sandbox Framework™.

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is the work you're doing right now the most impactful thing for your business?

Is your to-do list overwhelming? Do you feel like you are always behind your goals, trying to catch up while barely making deadlines? Do you feel your goals aren't clear, or that your team is working in silos? Are you constantly working on non-impactful busy work? This framework will help you take control of your business destiny.

This isn’t a time-management course, it’s a high-performance model for getting the most effective work done that ensures that everyone on your team is working towards the same strategic priorities.

It incorporates our 30 plus years of experience with tried and true principles that have been successful at Google, Intel, Adobe, Netflix, Spotify and GoPro. 

  • Week 1: Business Foundations
    Discover what your most impactful KPIs are and how to track them.

  • Week 2: Organize Everyone Around OKRs
    First made popular by Google, drive organizational alignment with Objectives and Key Results

  • Week 3: Project Ideation and Scoring
    Plan work that is aligned to your OKRs using a scoring framework to identify priorities.

  • Week 4: Implement Agile Marketing
    Learn how agile can help you team feel both accomplished and inspired.


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series Starts April 1, 2024

Learn how to adjust strategy and tactics in real time.
Increase your chance of success in a competitive market.
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