AI for Startups: Massive Advantage or Hype Machine?

Join our exclusive webinar and learn proven frameworks for integrating AI into product development, customer acquisition and risk assessment. Get actionable strategies from industry experts, learn how to identify early market trends and optimize for growth using AI. There’s still time to gain an early advantage.

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Engaging and Informative Webinar on AI for Start-ups
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- A chance to win a free expert assessment and recommendations ONLY for live attendees.

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Date: March 8, 2024
10AM - 11AM PST
Virtual Event

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What you will learn

AI Use Cases - Discover practical applications of AI in Sales and Marketing.

Frameworks - Learn concrete frameworks that can help you leverage AI effectively. 

Actionable Insights - You’ll gain valuable insights into sales and marketing performance that drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve overall business outcomes.

What you will takeaway

Early Market Advantage - Gain the 2024 advantage over your competitors by learning how to leverage AI for productivity and hyper-personalization.

Actionable Strategies - Learn real-world strategies that you can get started on now and start seeing ROI.

Templates and Tools - Walk away with ready-to-use templates and tools to accelerate your product's time to value.

About the Speakers

Stephanie strong

Stephanie, Founder of Growth Sandbox, is an experienced growth marketing professional and agile business methodology champion. She drives process improvement and overall effectiveness in customer marketing and integrated marketing operations channels, boosting organizational awareness and ROI. Stephanie has focused on direct-to-consumer, B2B, and B2B2C in the SaaS, e-commerce and health tech industries.

Jeff Marmins

Jeff is the Managing Partner of C7 Sales Agency. He has 30 years of experience in customer service, sales and marketing.  Jeff has worked with companies like Verizon Wireless, CVS Pharmacy, United States National Parks and the National Crime Prevention Council.

Jeff is a seasoned trainer and coach in digital sales and marketing strategy.  He has taught workshops and lectured at Folsom Lake College, Drexel University and UC Davis and has trained countless organizations on the use of emerging technologies to advance sales and marketing.

"I recruited Jeff from Pennsylvania to our startup software company in California in 1998 when websites were new and SaaS didn’t exist. Fast forward two decades and he is a master of understanding product marketing, social media, Internet and sales strategy. I highly recommend Jeff as a dependable expert in digital business."

— Kelly R, Co-founder for SaaS Startup
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steph Strong on several projects and her ongoing leadership exemplifies many of the core values of our company, some in ways that exceed expectations. Steph is highly skilled in displaying a practical approach to solving any problem. She has an eye for seeing an experience as our customers would see it and always seeks to make experiences better on their behalf. "

— Tatiana S, Marketing Director for B2B SaaS